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Announcing SecurityDreamer Event Series

SecurityDreamer Events are Back!

We are planning a new series of SecurityDreamer events for 2011 and 2012.  You know them as the premier information sharing and professional networking events in the industry.

We bring together end-user executive decision-makers and influencers from important corporations and public organizations in cities around the world. Hunt Business Intelligence shares recent research findings and everyone learns and laughs together.

Did you miss SecurityDreamer at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta? Did you miss the SecurityDreamer PSIM work group in DC? How about SecurityDreamer at the David Burke Restaurant in Vegas or at Margaritaville, The Botanic Gardens, Around the Coyote Art Gallery and many more interesting fun venues.

SIGN UP. If you are interested in attending our unusual, invitation-only events, tell me a little about yourself in an email steve (dot) hunt (at) huntbi (dot) com.

Video: How I Evaluated Three Video Analytics Management Platforms

September 16, 2009 4 comments

I performed an independent, no-money-changed-hands evaluation of three products advertising video surveillance management plus video analytics management.  Here is a short video explaining my process and what I learned from my experience with Milestone XProtect, Aimetis Symphony, and Verint Nextiva.

All three products performed admirably, but there was one standout.  A few vendors chickened out, er, I mean, decided it was not of interest to them to participate.  :)  So kudos to Milestone, Aimetis and Verint for being proud of their products – as they should be.

DreamerGear Evaluation of Aimetis

DreamerGear Evaluation of Milestone

DreamerGear Evaluation of Verint

DreamerGear Review of Aimetis’ Video Management plus Video Analytics

September 16, 2009 1 comment

Aimetis Symphony Enterprise Edition 6.2AimetisLogoPurple_72dpi

What We Loved: Complete, unified video and analytics management

What We Didn't:  Limited to Windows platforms4.5_Guards

Price:  Starts at $13,600

Overall Score:  4.4 out of possible 5



Aimetis Symphony Enterprise Edition is a very satisfying
product, mainly because it does everything you hope it will, easily and
affordably.  I mean, if you’ve gone
to the trouble to set up a surveillance environment using video analytics,
you’d probably want a single, easy-to-use system: to manage the video received
from many cameras; control pan tilt and zoom; select a variety of detections
using analytics; manage storage; set up alerts on certain activities and
detected behaviors; and create reports about those alerts.  Simply put, you’d want a system that
manages surveillance.


For the full Review Summary:Download DreamerGear Aimetis Symphony


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Video: How I Evaluated Three Video Analytics Management Platforms

DreamerGear Review of Milestone’s Video Management plus Video Analytics

September 16, 2009 2 comments

Milestone XProtect Analytics and XProtect CorporateMilestone Logo with tag line

What We Loved:  Integration & Support for many different cameras

What We Didn't:  Poor reporting and incident management tools

Price:  Starts at $7990 plus purchase of 3rd party analytics3.5_Guards

Overall Score:  3.5 out of possible 5



Milestone Systems is the video management company with the
fastest growing brand recognition. 
I rarely hear an integrator or end user talk about surveillance video
management without Milestone being mentioned. The company’s XProtect Analytics
is enjoying the same buzz largely because of the effective marketing and press
exposure to the system. For me, it was Milestone that put the concept of video
management merged with analytics management on the map.  So of course I had high expectations
when I evaluated the product.


For the full Review Summary:  Download DreamerGear Milestone XProtect


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Video: How I Evaluated Three Video Analytics Management Platforms

DreamerGear Review of Verint’s Video Management plus Video Analytics

September 16, 2009 2 comments

Verint Nextiva 6.0 Video and Analytics managementVerint logo

What We Loved:  Powerful
and professional look and feel

What We Didn’t: 
Too many separate products to get full functionality

Price:  Starts
at $24,900

Overall Score:  3.5
out of possible 5 


In general, our entire experience using and testing Verint Nextiva
to manage both video and video analytics was positive.  Nextiva has the power and capability to
handle video management and analytics deployments from moderate sizes to the
very largest.  It is obvious that
Verint put a lot of thought into every aspect of the product architecture and
design with, among other benefits, a very usable graphical interface and
excellent product support.


For the full Review Summary: Download DreamerGear Verint Nextiva 


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Waterfall Solutions WF ISE+

April 16, 2008 3 comments


Exact Name and Version of the Product: Waterfall IP Surveillance Enabler Plus – WF ISE+

Manufacturer and Website: Waterfall Solutions

Type of Product: Video Camera Security

Uses: Protect IP camera infrastructure from hackers and malware

What We Loved: Easy setup and no-nonsense architecture.

What We Didn’t: The price

Price: Prices are not available for public distribution.

Overall Rating: 4 out of possible 5


Lior and Avner took the redeye to Chicago, so when they walked in I immediately started the coffee pot. One cup to set up the equipment, another to describe the overall architecture and functionality. By the third cup of coffee, I completely understood the Waterfall technology. A single pot of coffee is the entire investment I made to qualify as a systems engineer of this elegant and useful product.

I’m a big believer in the value that IP video surveillance cameras give to large organizations. Easier video sharing, analysis and data gathering are just a few of the benefits. Unfortunately, IP cameras have a serious drawback. Not cost – prices are dropping and functionality is rising quickly enough that price doesn’t concern most buyers seeking flexibility and functionality. No, my concern is security. Security of the cameras and the network they share. Bad guys can turn a network camera into a network access point, shutting down or diverting video, or worse, connecting to internal systems and stealing corporate data. Think of the camera as a little, unprotected web server and you get the idea.

Network pros immediately think of standard IT security measures like firewalls, encryption, authentication, anti-malware software and the like. However, building that kind of infrastructure will take extensive involvement of IT professionals, and even then, the firewall may prove powerless against an internal Trojan horse.

Waterfall employs a networking concept called an air-gap to create a secure infrastructure for IP video surveillance. The IP connection from the camera is actually severed, then, reducing the payload to pure video stream in a non TCP/IP format, forwarded over a one-way optical connection to the receiver. The transmitter physically cannot receive, nor can the receiver send, so it is impossible to send any malware upstream or to divert video traffic. For those rare times when a PTZ command must be sent upstream, or when the camera needs a configuration change, the system opens a separate, firewalled, temporary connection that closes immediately after use.

This type of straightforward IT security, using standard technologies and best practices is just what the physical security industry needs to win the embrace of their IT brethren. We liked the easy setup and no-nonsense architecture. We didn’t like the price. We think the product should be priced about the same as an IT firewall protecting an equivalent number of ports. We recommend the Waterfall solution for any end user, distributor or integrator of large numbers of IP cameras.


Download This Review

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Off to Israel

I’m heading off to Israel today, the home of some of the greatest innovations in security (I was going to say the "Mecca" of security, but somehow that didn’t seem quite right), for a week of visiting security companies.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Hacking for fun and profit – or, how to make the world a better place by “picking the lock” of the iPhone

I first read about our gifted friend whose selfless act will forever free us from the shackles of tyranny on John Paczkowski’s lovely blog Digital Daily.  So basically this cool kid, George Hotz, powered by dozensGeshot
of Mountain Dews and Red Bulls, and equipped with determination and a soldering iron, found a way to unlock a new iPhone from the AT&T phone service.  Hotz described in detail on his blog how he opened the system to be able to use t-Mobile or international carriers.  God bless him.

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DreamerGear: Yoggie Pico Rectifies Previous Peccadillos in a Tight Little Package

DreamerGear Evaluation: Yoggie Pico Pro v. 5.1.0

I have purchased six, count ‘em, 6, Bluetooth headsets. Why? I bust them or lose them. But I keep buying them because while I have
one, it is so darned useful. Little,
functional, très cool – I gotta have it. I feel the same way about my Yoggie Pico Pro™.Yoggie_pico
I would have published this review the day
the product was released… I had received
one of the first ones that day and installed it before lunchtime. I even showed it off at a conference where I
was speaking, and showed how so much security could fit so neatly in my jacket pocket
when I packed up and headed to the airport. But by the time I got off the plane the little Yoggie was no where to be
found.  Just 36 short hours of Yoggie
enjoyment.  Ugh.

Name and Version of
Yoggie Pico Pro™ 5.1.0

Manufacturer and
Yoggie Security Systems

Type of Product  Endpoint Security – Security Appliance

Uses  Protecting laptops and PCs

What We Loved Offloading security to a tiny USB appliance

What We Didn’t Frightfully easy to lose

Price $199.

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 545_guards_3

Quick Replacement

So I got a new one. And love it. Functionally it is a
lot like my first Yoggie, the Gatekeeper Pro™ which I evaluated earlier this
. It combines firewall, VPN, intrusion
detection, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, a web and FTP proxy,
and protections against other baddies like spyware, phishing and Trojan
horses. All this packed in a device
about the size of a standard thumb drive.

The Yoggie products are a step up from ZoneAlarm by Check
Point or Norton Internet Security from Symantec in security, but a set down in
convenience. ZoneAlarm and Norton are
software based solutions running on the computer all the time. You can’t misplace software – but it also
takes up resources on your computer and potentially drags down performance.

Fast & Secure

Network throughput with the Pico rivals the Gatekeeper with
exceptional throughput and no detectable slowdown in network response
times. In fact, with the Yoggie handling
email and web scanning, Internet response times actually increased.

I complained in my review of the Gatekeeper Pro that it should
be a PC card instead of a USB device. The Pico is a prodigious step toward the smaller and more “integrated”
form factor, but it is still a bit too fat. I can’t fit another memory stick in the USB port next to it. A future version really ought to be a PC card
that stays with the PC. I’d also like to see the price for consumers closer to



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