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How Geeky Should a CISO Be?

August 26, 2014 1 comment

Michael Daniel, the current White House cybersecurity coordinator, recently admitted to lacking technical know-how; i.e. he can’t code and doesn’t feel the need to learn to do so. Those who have the technical expertise and think it’s important have lit up the Internet with their cries, making it clear that they do not approve.

Does it matter that Michael Daniel can’t code? Read More…michael daniel

Announcing the Next SecurityDreamer Event ASIS 2014

Join us for another SecurityDreamer cocktail party at the beginning of the ASIS conference in Atlanta, September 28. Start here before you walk over to Canada Night. Open bar and food. Contact me for an invitation HERE





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Security industry loses a stand out individual

Doug Hendricks, security manager at Sun Microsystems, passed away a few weeks ago.

Doug started his security career working for a security integrator and worked his way to the end-user side of the business over a 27 year period.  He started his security career working for CMC in San Jose as a Project Manager on the Lockheed Space and Missile access control project.

CMC was acquired by JWP and Doug transferred to JWP’s Bay Area office where he ran numerous large projects including the BART CCTV project and the Pelican Bay State Prison CCTV project.  He had responsibility for engineering and managing the installation of the CCTV, intercom, guard panic and MATV systems.

In 1991, Doug joined Integrated Security Control Systems (ISCS).  He was project manager for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco project, where his CCTV design became the standard for many Federal Reserve Banks.  Doug then managed a large CCTV installation at Silicon Graphics Corporation.   As ISCS’s security contract for Sun Microsystems grew Doug became the Project Manager at Sun’s Bay Area facilities and then became ISCS’s Support Services Manager at Sun Microsystems.

Doug was offered and accepted the position of Manager of Security Systems working directly for Sun Microsystems.  In this role he managed Sun’s global access control systems and assisted with developing the current security systems standards, the “Alarm Reduction Program”, the executive protection program, and the “One Badge” project for global access.  His latest project, which he engineered and managed, was the access control system conversion from GE/Infographic Systems to GE/CASI Picture Perfect 4.0 System for all Sun's locations globally.

We will miss Doug.

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Body painting at Expo Seguridad

April 27, 2009 4 comments

Sorry my phone didn’t have better resolution.  Each of the three days of the Expo Seguridad conference, this woman was painted in very tasteful, beautiful ways.  Each time with a security theme.  The third day was the best.  She was painted as a Borg, with a video camera as an eye.  The sponsoring vendor is Sermex, a Mexican security products distributor.

Now he’s hacked US Passports using a $250 RFID reader!

February 3, 2009 1 comment

Is he evil?  Ask some manufacturers and they'll say yes, emphatically.  Ask privacy advocates, and they'll praise him for exposing the seeds of Big Brother.  Chris Pajet didn't stop at cloning your HID prox card while standing next to you in line at the 7-Eleven.*  Now he has begun war-driving through San Francisco, gleaning RFID tags from US Passports. This is another assault on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.  Read about it here.  

White hats like Chris find the holes in our tech infrastructure that the bad guys also find.  I'd rather know about it than keep my head in the sand.  Besides, these problems are ususally fixable, so let's fix the problems and not ignore them.

*not sure if he ever did that, but the cloning device he showed me sure could have been used that way.

Words cannot describe… (for geeks)

January 13, 2009 5 comments
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No More Pelco Bucks?

December 4, 2008 7 comments

We all wondered how long the Pelco Jet would keep flying.  To many it was the symbol of inefficiency pegging Pelco as an old fashioned company out of touch with its environment.  For years the Pelco jet served a purpose, though.  It would wisk away Pelco executives, customers and partners to a higher level, helping to solidify sometimes tenuous relationships and removing competitors from the conversation.  Pelco really knew how to schmooze its constituents.

Pelco bucks and other perks for the Pelco family bred loyalty, to be sure, but they cost a lot of money.  SecurityDreamer has heard that they are gone now, along with the days of high flying customer courtships. 

Watch for news of high flying executives at TAC and Pelco, too. 

Pelco is being run like a business now.

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